If you have any questions/ problems please contact us from the site you ordered from so we can take care of it ASAP.  Our feedback is very important to us, Fellow Riders we are a small family business and here to help out if you have any issues at all. Our system leaves feedback automatically after you did if ordered on a site a seller can leave buyer feedback. Thank you!!!

  • We recommend contacting your local motorcycle tire shop before you arrive to make sure they are okay with bringing your own tires
  • Beware of any excuse given or upsell when refusing to install your own tire
  • If you need a recommendation on where to get your tire installed, contact us and we will be happy to suggest a reputable technician
  • If you are local to Los Angeles, we are happy to provide installation
  • To get the longest life out of your tire, we recommend harmonic balancing using ceramic beads, which can be found on eBay, Amazon, or locally.
  • Wheel weights are the next-best option if your tire shop is not familiar with harmonic balancing
  • Speeds in excess of 100mph for long periods of time (over 30 minutes) produce a lot of heat inside the tire and will drastically reduce its life
  • Check tire pressure before each ride and set it as close as possible to the recommendation on the sidewall of your tire to enhance its lifespan
  • VERY IMPORTANT FOR NEW RIDERS: New tires are slippery until they are broken in due to the manufacturing process. This is completely normal for any tire. They will initially feel slippery on corners and during heavy acceleration. Please wait until the tires have been scuffed up (50 – 100 miles) before doing any spirited riding.

Thanks fellow rider! Stay safe – Rubber side down!

  • We are confident that you will be back for more tires in the future and we have your back…
  • For a 10% discount on your next tire purchase, simply send us a screenshot of a positive review you wrote on the site you bought from if they allow reviews
  • You will receive a coupon code valid on this website for your next order
  • We are committed to providing the best and most affordable motorcycle tires, thank you for your support!!!